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News Date 05-04-2021

Ok I’ve been in shock since 01-06-2021 because I don’t like the direction the country is headed. These freaking socialist policies are going to cause some serious problems for America and all this free printed money may be the biggest concern. In God We Trust is a freaking joke because we can’t trust any god or anyone in authority anymore. These current fuckers in charge have become our New God and they are only interested in protecting their own agenda. These fuckers truly have no math skills whatsoever and they think they have all the answers which will present a serious problem down the road. All of you have heard the saying: Robbing Peter to Pay Paul but now it’s: Robbing American Citizens to Pay for the New Socialist Agenda. Sure shut down the Keystone Pipeline, raise our gasoline prices, and sell the Canada Oil to our enemies: sounds like a plan from hell. Sure pack the United States Supreme Court and ignore the fact that they hear only about 3% of the cases presented to them. Why not have a Pre Supreme Court System or some other system that hears 100% of the cases presented and then have the U.S. Supreme Court hear any undecided or questionable cases. And why not have the U.S. Supreme Court decide law when all the Justices must rule the same way just like our jury trials for a conviction? Thus if one Justice doesn’t agree with a decision than no law shall be changed or passed. Our legal system is fucked for sure since most Judges think they are gods, are full of biases, and may owe favors to political parties who then demand rulings in their favor: sounds like Bull Shit smells like Bull Shit so it is Bull Shit. When attorneys lie to your face to protect a friend of theirs it is Bull Shit. When Judges rule to protect another member in their legal cult or owe a favor to a friend of the court it is Bull Shit. When the United States Supreme Court refuses to correct fraud in our courts it is Supreme Bull Shit. All these assholes say they believe in a god: well that is their biggest myth. There is no god, there are no prophets that talked to any god, and some preachers teach you to be civilized but none of their teachings came from any god. One of my brothers knew something before me: religions are the root of all evil. Another brother named Jesus said: those without sin cast the first stone and he also said: out of all the commandments love is the most important. My brother Moses was a super dumb ass when he saved his people and then got them lost in a desert for 40 years: obviously he had no sense of direction. Moses said God gave him the 10 commandments but then he through them into a pit, he then had to go backup the mountain and add: thou shall not have strange gods before you. So there’s not much common since in the bible but a lot of Bull Shit. Jesus tried to do the right thing but he didn’t really know who his father was and we know a ghostly angel didn’t get Mary pregnant. Both Jesus and John the Baptist thought the world was going to end very soon: sorry guys that didn’t happen. But beware if we don’t start controlling our population on this planet our worldly kingdom here could end. So we must change, rethink, repent, and re-examine our thought process for the kingdom of the earth is in your hands. I thought I could help you people get another 2000 years on this planet but so far most of you have been a big disappointment because you obviously just don’t care. And for all the religions before and after Christ get your heads out of your asses because even your religion is total Bull Shit.  Do your part help your neighbors and community directly, not through some church or charity. And I would like to know why in the hell some of you people are still building temples and churches to so many mystical gods. Planet Earth is the only heaven you will ever see so take care of it. You should start with controlling the population ASAP because higher numbers will cause Earth’s resources to run out and you won’t like it. That’s it for now, I’m working on a green device.




News Date 12-19-2020 – I’m sorry I had to say this before Christmas!

People may wonder how I lost all my religion: well America is out of control and it is even sadder to see that some States still believe that our highest court in the land will do the right thing. I asked the U.S. Supreme Court to look at many constitutional violations and I have now proven just how heinous they are. This new action by Texas and many other States is mute because they believe the United States Supreme Court will address their constitutional violations concerning voter fraud. The Trump team should realize and the States should realize that our legal system is totally out of control in this country especially if they took a little time to look at my documented evidence of the justice’s insanity. I know that two of Trump’s appointees have seen all my evidence of State and Federal Fraud and both justices refused to do anything about it. These brain dead justices don’t hold the United States Constitution valid because they believe they are our new God and Savior. As Thee Beast 666 I may be a little evil but these justices make me look like a Saint when you compare their power and absolute corruption to the things they did to me and my family. Hears my point: The United States Supreme Court and our main street media are so powerful that they believe that the truth is whatever they say it is but it is not the real truth. WE are in big trouble and I’m starting to believe that I can’t fix this shit without some HELP. I what the United States Supreme Court to know that this evil beast is out to destroy their heinous rule over us.




News Date 11-11-2020

Just who effected the election in the United States of America the most. The main street media (ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, The Washington Post, and the New York Times) has been heinously biased for more than 4 years now and they  have only presented a one sided opinion on the political news going on in America. I knew the legal system in America is the highest corrupt organization in the world which I have now proven, but I had no idea that the corruption was so deep and active in the Democratic Party. This absolute corruption in America and the control they have over our main street media must be investigated and seen by more American Citizens. Here is my prediction: Joe Biden is a nice man but he is the new Trojan Horse so if America lets him in, the shit is going to hit the fan so to speak. Good luck America. Yes I’m going to be the biggest pain in their ass and ironically they created me when they fucked me and my family so bad. 




News Date 10-24-2020

I think the main street media and top democratic leaders should be charged with treason. It seems the absolute corruption in America is bigger than I thought. So if you think 666 is evil than look at the insanity and corruption that is going on today, this must stop. I believe the ninth commandment should be punished just like a murder charge here’s why: There are now three believed parts involved in giving false testimony from the days of Moses. First Moses wanted the Israelites to have an effective legal system so his country could survive as a nation. Second, lying in court breaks down a society: it leads to destruction of any nation. And third when the courts do the lying and wrongfully protect all their lies we have a nuclear situation which can destroy our planet. I have now shown how corrupt they are but only a few humans seem to care so far.

These commandments offered a way for the human species to be civilized and most of them should still be followed. Most of them should be as important and as criminal as our murder laws if we are to remain civilized. Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor is now the highest absolute corruption that is going on. Since America’s main street media is running most of the show and providing false witnesses and false testimony to the truth they must be punished. The next question that remains is: how have the top evil players on the planet gained so much control over our main street media. They must be investigated and when found they must be punished. Maybe a rapture to the sun would be an appropriate punishment since we can’t send them to a heaven?




News Date 10-19-2020

America seems to have a serious problem because some citizens have failed to understand that the media is controlled by one fucking party. These control freaks only present a one sided story and they refuse to provide any factual evidence that would affect their control. So it seems some people do not know what propaganda is, so let me give you some insight. Propaganda is information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view. Ask yourself, what main street medias have been doing this for  4 years: is it ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, The Washington Post, and the New York Times? If you haven’t noticed almost every story from main street media is an attack of one political party. Thus are you being controlled by one party who owns ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, The Washington Post, and the New York Times? Here’s what I will tell you: try to understand if you have full control of the main street media, you will have absolute power to tell every listener only what you want them to hear. To help explain what is going on today try to imagine if 90% of the ministers in your town tell you the Mayor is gay and has HIV it will be believed even if it is a total fucking lie. Wake the fuck up America our main street media is a political coup and the American legal system is a legal coup: both must be addressed ASAP.

Amen: 666

PS: Just because I believe there is no Supreme Being doesn’t mean that all of the spiritual teaching of peace and love should be ignored. Even Jesus said, of all the commandments love is the greatest. Our U.S. Constitution deals with spiritual religion but there could be a problem with that because it says no religion can be prohibited from being established or exercise their rights and beliefs. Sorry I see a problem with that because one religion says death to all Christians and Jews and they actually believe there is another place waiting for them. All these religious fantasies are the root of all evil and this evil has even caused some righteous people to kill one of their own. Appalling!

News Dated 10-13-2020

American has a serious problem when the U.S. Supreme Court doesn’t have time to address real FRAUD in our State and Federal Courts so if you haven’t seen the evidence of this serious problem here is the must see video on YouTube: America’s Legal System is Out of Control 

This court hears less than 3% of the cases presented to it, so America is in Deep Shit. We also let them rule until they die which is appalling, this court needs term limits. Problems occur because our lawmakers in Congress argue like children because everyone thinks they are all knowing and sadly American Citizens keep re-electing the same assholes so Congress also needs term limits. The psychological damage in our culture today is mainly caused by lobbyists and many are controlled by people with large amounts of money. These rich bastards now control most of the media in America and thus American Citizens can only hear a one sided story. This one sided  media story wants socialist rule so when Trump won the election in 2016 these media fuckers went nuts. Take note: if you haven’t noticed ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, The Washington Post, and the New York Times tell the same story. This is a very serious problem for America and the rest of the world. It is a world problem because this powerful one sided story from our media is setting up their philosophy of having absolute control and this philosophy could lead to a third world war which would be ludicrous. Sorry I am thee beast 666 and/or the anti-Christ but my only goal is to stop a third world war and create some peace for the next 2000 years. 

It used to be that government was formed to serve the people but now like many socialist governments they tell their people they must now obey and serve the government. Therefore if the majority of citizens are suffering in a country their government is indeed stealing the riches in their country just so the government leaders can live and rule like gods. This is absolute corruption in my book and needs to be addressed. If any leader has their citizens running to another country there are only two options: the leader must go, or the leader needs some help to stabilize their country. But if the leader takes the help and uses it for more power and control he must be eliminated.

So if you don’t think Trump was trying to help more American Citizens have a better life style and only believe the powerful one sided socialist media story then I can only say good luck I warned you. I’m starting to believe that I would like the USA, Russia and China to join forces, stop any power struggles between them, keep interests fair, and start correcting all the injustices going on the planet. First we must fix the legal system in America and all the one sided media stories. 

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Comment – Address the Political Scene

News Dated 10-12-2020

There is something serious wrong with the Political News coming out of main street media today and thee beast 666 will try to correct some of it. The power struggle between the two parties is extremely important because one party wants total control of us as they hide their socialist take over so they can be our new savior. The other party wants America to be great, proud, honorable, fair, prosperous and free of more government regulations.

Trump wants to spend our tax money only if that money is cost effective. That’s how he built his empire and he has applied these same rules for America. The socialist party plans to completely tear down good buildings and build new ones just to make them energy efficient which is ludicrous when the cost is millions or could be billions just to save some energy costs. This is appalling when an upgrade for a few hundred thousand could save the same amount in energy costs which would be Trump’s way.

The Green Extremist don’t understand that if we continue to destroy our forests and farm land for more home space, more home materials, wind farms, and solar panels the planet earth could be looking like a Ghost town down the road. Yes it would be nice to be totally green someday but if we don’t address the population growth all the free energy in the world won’t stop Mother Nature from killing us all if we ruin her balance of the planet earth. What may be even more shocking in America is how Trump is staying even close to Biden when ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, The Washington Post, and the New York Times have constantly criticize and mocked everything Trump does or says for four years now. Is he right all the time fuck no and he even believes in a God or Supreme Being. But when you try to get rid of the blood thirsty power house (the swamp) and give the power and a better living back to all American citizens, these controlling main street medias say no. The main street media and their socialist partners have been plotting a Trump destruction with false shit for over four years now and it has boarded on insanity. Yes Biden says he will not ban fracking but Harris will as soon as she takes over and if this is done to early energy costs could lower our American standard of living. Maybe some of you missed Harris’ smug supreme know it all facial expressions debating Pence: I say this women is pure evil just like Pelosi and the squad. Don’t forget about that prick and forked tongue Adam Schitt wh0 maybe just as evil. I believe this is the biggest ruse America will ever see and you might just see the fall of America in the next four years if they don’t stop this insanity!

I’ll be addressing more of yours comments in the near future,

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