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The Beast attacks the American Legal System

No, they didn’t kill my Dog.

They injured me and my entire family and tortured a loved one.

Vengeance is mine says Thee Beast 666.

I wish this was a fictional declaration by it is not: your soul will be shocked. Shocked, because it is so very hard to believe this much corruption really goes on in our America Legal System.

This was the worst mental crisis that has ever happen to me. It was having the American Legal System prove to me that there can’t be a God. I lost my religion and any belief of a God because everything going on in the Legal System was insane, rulings made no sense, many things were 180 degrees opposite of normal beliefs, and they caused a serious confusion effect upon my brain many times because that made me think that my brain wasn’t working correctly: found out I was OK, and realized we have a very serious problem with the American legal system.

Sure, the justices on the Supreme Court are over worked but surely one of them should have understood that fraud and constitutional violations in the lower courts is something that cannot be overlooked or dismissed. There is a serious fucking problem with their system currently in place. Most of the justices will hide behind the Burger Court and deny any wrongdoing but I sent certified letters to a number of justices to make sure my evidence was seen, and they did nothing. Here’s the cert pool rule in the Burger Court they follow:

“The cert pool was established in 1973 during the early days of the Burger Court, in order to efficiently review the near 8,000 petitions received each term.  In practice, the petitions are apportioned among the Court’s law clerks, who then circulate a memo to the justices recommending a grant or denial. The obvious problem here is that this gives the power in these 8000 cases to the law clerks instead of the Justices. It also, in theory, allows 3rd parties to unfairly influence a case through the clerks.”  

Neil Gorsuch ignited the fire of liberty and broke 40 years of precedent when he refused to join the SCOTUS “cert pool.

Fucking Pricks

When you see the evidence and read it yourself you will see that these fucking animals named below have to be mentally ill. When you read these court documents and see how they ruled you’ll see that these people have some very serious mental issues. Some of them will freak out totally when they see that I have collected all the evidence against them that will destroy them all because of a fraudulent conviction for misdemeanors no less.

I am now officially thee Beast 666 who was fraudulently convicted for misdemeanors. I became the Beast when the United States Supreme Court dismissed all my factual evidence and tried to put the last nail in my coffin. Yes, I had to take my evidence for fraudulent misdemeanors all the way to the U. S. Supreme Court. With their dismissal of my factual evidence, that’s when this Vet declared war on the American Legal System. The shit starts when my fucking attorney, Dave Ridge, convinced me to take a no contest plea for no state time mainly because he failed in his duties to get the perjury evidence which I claimed was very real and finally got. When I took the plea this mfer told me to go start my new job in Texas: you may get some county time but with work release.  When I came back from Texas for sentencing the fucking judge, Ernest DeSantis Jr., sentenced me in the aggregated range for six fucking years. Then the fucking Pennsylvania prison system said I had to admit guilt to the no contest misdemeanors or no fucking parole, I was forced to say fuck you and suffered the six fucking years. I just couldn’t admit to fake charges just to get parole: yes, it was principal, something the following sick animals don’t have. I have been trying to keep my actions below a hate crime, but the fuckers keep saying you can’t touch us every time. It’s time to take these elite fuckers to the cleaners. I will be looking for a public outcry or a real journalist to say to the United States Supreme Court and/or Congress: “Everything the beast 666 has on his websites is actually true and verified so what can you do about it now or will you continue to bury it to protect the legal system?” 

As you read this website many of you may think I am a little rough on these people and you might wish that I should have turned it down a bit. I’m mad for good reasons one being is that I can’t punish any of these fucking people because they are immune from any crimes done in their court room. I’m super mad that I can’t do anything about their fraud, corruption, and constitutional violations knowingly committed by any of these low-life maggots. I want to expose them because they have this god damn self-imposed immunity law that protects their freaking asses. That law: You cannot sue judges for actions they took in their official capacity. for example, a judge who decides a case against you cannot be sued.  So who is above our laws, and no one can touch them, OMG it is the assholes which I’m about to show you. Just like a god damn fool I believed the American Legal System was ethical, honest, upholding our Constitution and providing equal protection under the law what a crock of shit they have sold us. The court rooms show signs of: In God We Trust but the fuckers know they are God in their courtroom. Please check out the following documented corruption of our legal system and decide for yourself. Then help me get some legal reform before it’s too late. 

Some Key Evidence Links that you may want to come back to:

Hiding perjury Evidence of the State’s Key Witness

Fraud in our Courts

Allowing Ineffective Legal Counsel


Here are the sick animals that are above all our laws, and I want them punished before they die.


ATTORNEY DAVE RIDGE – Now a fucking Judge    Click Me!!!

JUDGE ERNEST DESANTIS JR. – Original Trial Judge  Click Me!!!

JUDGE SEAN MCLAUGHLIN – Erie Federal Court  Click Me!!!

JUDGE SUSAN PARADISE BAXTER – Magistrate in Erie Federal Court  Click Me!!!

MARSHALL PICCININI, Esquire – PA Deputy DA’s Office    Click Me!!!

CHRIS BOYD/GRASSI/SONTAG/SANDERS – Kathryn Boyd’s Mother    Click Me!!!

PERSON IN CHARGE OF FREE TRIP forcing Agent fraud  – Erie Insurance and Agents?


Question becomes:  What would you do to people who willfully and wrongfully brainwashed your young daughter with violent indecent assaults and then deliberately tortured your daughter with false claims of you killing her. This was all done because my ex-wife wanted to win a custody battle, and she wanted to kill all the love that my step daughter had for me and the rest of these assholes joined the fight because your girl was related to our ex-mayor, Lou Tullio.

Now what would you do to these fuckers playing God, when you found all the evidence proving the perjury of your daughter’s testimony and had evidence of the torture of your daughter by using forged life insurance policies just to convince your daughter of the death threats. Could it get worst: it can and did when all the fucking courts fraudulently dismiss all my evidence which would have proven all their unconstitutional behavior. The final fraud in America that would finally kill you is the unethical and unconstitutional United States Supreme Court who willfully and wrongfully protects all of them. If you think this kind of shit can’t happen in the USA you need to look at my evidence and decide for yourself.

The saddest part of this very true story is that my step-daughter has never realized that she has committed any perjury and still doesn’t know that the death threats and fears were totally fake. My step-daughter still suffers with  these false memories of abuse and death fears today just because our judges are so protective of their god damn legal system. It’s going to take a beast to expose these evil animals and I’m that fucking beast.

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Adults Only – 666 attacks the America’s Legal System

I firmly believe members of this court must all agree to add or change any of our laws just like a jury trail.

Supreme Court Justices
These sick people ultimately created –Thee Beast 666

These Supreme Court bastards and bitches have allowed a DA  to hide perjury evidence – for misdemeanors no less, they have allowed a DA to lie and commit fraud upon a Federal Court, they have allowed ineffective assistance of counsel, they have allowed a judge to deny a change of venue just to guarantee an illegal conviction, and they have allowed a federal judge to believe perjury evidence was dismissed in the lower court with no evidence and dismissed every motion to prove the fucking DA’s lies. They have allowed a life time of torture upon a girl by dismissing the forged insurance policies that were used on Kathryn S. Boyd to prove to Kathryn that death threats by her step-dad were real, this is heinous.  These death threats were wrongfully and willfully orchestrated and started by her own freaking mother. What kink of person would ever use death threats as a weapon to kill the love of a child and cause that child to be tortured for life? They had hidden the Rape Crisis counselor that would have proven the induced perjury of Kathryn and her brainwashing. I don’t want Kathryn charged with perjury but I want the these bastards and bitches who allowed and caused Kathryn’s brainwashing to be punished severely but it appears they are above our laws. When you see all my evidence that I have against these animals you may lose your cool and hopefully some of you will demand legal reform. You can believe these evil bastards and bitches are ethical and honorable or you can take a look at the following evidence for yourself and decide just how ethical and honorable they really are.  It will take this beast to expose the fucking corruption in our American Legal System and I will show you all the evidence of their corruption. I sadly had to take these no contest misdemeanors all the way to the United States Supreme Court with the evidence and then some dumb ass dismissed it with a stroke of a pen. So please look at the following evidence I have taken from previously submitted court records and decide for yourself just how unethical these bastards and bitches are. It is unbelievable that this much corruption is going on in America and after I served 4 years in the Navy protecting America and then receiving this kind of unethical justice in America is indeed appalling. Our courts should be charged with child abuse because they have allowed a child to suffer with fake death threats and most of them don’t give a shit. That’s why I’m out to get these m-fr’s. The collateral damage to my children and family is unforgivable and the psychological damage that Kathryn Boyd has endured is heinous. Thus it is up to me to expose their corruption and prove to America that our legal people are not gods but only maggots acting and pretending to be God. 

Order of the evidence on this website:

  1. First evidence shows a girl denying under oath an indecent assault she filed, denying going to a Rape Crisis Center and denies that she ever talked to any counselor about be sexually abused when she was younger. 
  2. Next is that Millcreek Police Report she filed and which she denied under oath.
  3. Next is the letter from the Rape Crisis Center proving Kathryn went and did receive sexual counseling which she also had denied under oath. This proves perjury but it also proves Kathryn testified to a different and much worst indecent assault and a new death claim. This counselor could have testified that she could have never overlooked all these new and far worst abuse stories that came with death threats at the same time Kathryn was having sexual counseling for a legally filed indecent assault which Kathryn denied under oath.
  4. Next is just one of the Motions I filed in the Erie Federal Court claiming the DA fraudulently told her that my newfound evidence of perjury of their key witness was dismissed in a Motion of Limine in the lower court. How the fucking justice Baxter believed that perjury evidence of the State’s key witness was dismissed in a Motion of Limine is appalling especially when the DA submitted no evidence to support his claim. When she repeatedly denied my motions to prove the DA had lied to her court, I found out there was good reason that some women are called bitches or fucking cunts. Sorry this judge blew my fucking mind, nothing made sense.
  5. After six years in a State prison for these fraudulent misdemeanors I decided to hire an attorney to confirm that the Commonwealth of PA did indeed commit fraud upon a Federal Court. Again, you may wonder why I did six fucking years, the parole people said I had to admit guilty to the charges or no fucking parole. I thought fuck you assholes. These parole fucks knew the plea was a no contest plea for the misdemeanors but they didn”t give a shit. Anyway, the attorney Mr. Hathaway confirms that he could find no evidence in the record of any Motion of Limine as reference by Judge Baxter. This was the proof of the DA lies and the fraud upon your court, Bitch.

Victim’s Testimony Under Oath – Victim: Kathryn Boyd – Mr. Ridge: my fake attorney

I don’t want Kathryn Boyd ever charged with perjury I only want the bastards and bitches in jail that coached, drilled, and tortured her mind with violent assaults and fake death threats: they need water board treatment just to start their punishment and then jailed or fired in a electric chair.

For cell phone users the following document shows the evidence of Kathyrn denying talking to Rape Crisis counselors when she was younger which will soon confirm her brainwashing and her obvious induced perjury.

  1. Frist

Keep in mind the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania willfully and wrongfully hid all this evidence from their courts and then the DA even lied to a Federal Court saying all my evidence submitted of this Police Report with the disposition of the case to the Rape Crisis Center and sexual counseling was dismissed in the lower court in a Motion of limine. When I found this evidence the fucking bitch (Justice Baxter) in Federal Court refused to hear my repeated Motions to prove the DA’s fraud and lies. So with a stoke of her pen she fucked me, my entire family and Kathryn. The corruption of our legal system will become very clear when you see all my evidence.

*** For cell phone users the following document shows the police report Kathryn filed and the disposition to the Rape Crisis Center which she denied under oath.


Ms. Kathryn S. Boyd gave a highly detail report of a new sexual assault and denies the indecent assault above.  The Commonwealth Court kept this hidden because the Rape Crisis Center would have proven perjury of the State’s key witness when Kathryn had denied even going to Rape Crisis and denies receiving any sexual counseling. Kathryn does remember talking to a counselor, but she says they never asked about her being sexually abused. Thus, this documented indecent assault is denied and was replaced with a brand-new indecent assault which was much worst including she would be killed if she said anything to anyone. No trained sexual couselor could have never missed the new violent abuse stories with death threats. The child was coached so bad that the child can only remember the one story and erases another one. Two indecent assault stories were told both couldn’t be true. 

Sadly, it took me five years behind bars to finally get the following evidence just to confirm Kathryn did indeed receive sexual counseling when she was younger. Yes five years, the prison board said I had to admit guilt to my no contest plea or no parole. I told them to kiss my ass. There are too many fucking idiots out there.

*** For cell phone users the following document shows the Rape Crisis Center confirming the sexual counselor was indeed Kathy Peterson concerning the police report Kathryn had filed.



Here’s one of my Federal Court Motions for a hearing to prove that the DA was lying and committing fraud upon a Federal Court. I showed Federal Justice Baxter Kathryn’s sworn testimony and the Millcreek Police Report showing disposition of the case to the Rape Crisis Center. The bitch would not give me a hearing to prove that the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania lied. I then submitted all of it to her boss Justice Mclaughlin and that bastard dismissed it. This bitch and her asshole boss just believed the fucking DA when he told the court that the perjury evidence I submitted was dismissed in the lower court in a motion of limine. The bitch even stated in her dismissal that no evidence was submitted by the DA to support his claim. How in the hell can any judge actually believe that perjury evidence of the State’s key witness was dismissed? Even a person with an IQ of 70 and lower would know that perjury evidence should not be dismissed in any legal court. All the people who caused this induced perjury should have their tongues removed and that includes the all the court people who helped to reinforced Kathryn’s mind with death threats.

*** For cell phone user: the following doc shows Judge Baxter denying yet another motion to expose the DA’s lies by saying my evidence proving perjury was dismissed in a Motion of limine. I said this was an obvious lie to her court because this evidence was never dismissed: which is now proven by a legal search of the entire court records.


Here’s my denied Motion:

After this bitch said my perjury evidence of the State’s key witness was excluded, I thought this fucking bitch is out of her mind. What fucking court is allowed to dismiss perjury evidence of their key witness? So two years later when I got out of prison, I hired an attorney to search the entire court records for this fucking motion in limine claimed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to see if this any motion was ever excluded. Here’s the documented proof from the attorney who checked the records. 

*** For cell phone users: This attorney did a complete search of the court records which proves the DA of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania committed fraud upon a Federal Court and confirms his State fraud. This attorney sums it up: I can state my finding that I did not locate any evidence of record as to the Motion of limine reference by Judge Baxter.

5. Next

As a U.S. Vet serving 4 years and honorably discharged so what the hell was I fighting for? Surely, we don’t need this kind of justice including the fucking U.S. Supreme Court putting the last nail in my coffin. I have been fighting this corruption for over 20 years now and only a few people want to do anything about it. We need reform badly or all of us will be controlled by these evil animals. They will continue to protect themselves and their friends and keep fucking the rest of us. The greed and corruption in America is appalling. They have convinced many American Citizens that they really believe ‘In God We Trust’. When these bastards and bitches are asked to tell the truth they say ‘I swear to tell the truth so help me God as they believe I’m your God around here. We need to fix every person that lies by removing their tongues. Let’s pass that law.


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