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I did not want to become TheeBeast666 but the insanity going on in the American Legal System and in other countries has to be corrected and it looks like I’ve been forced to take the job. Many of you have believed that 666 is something evil but when you see my evidence that proves the evil in our government’s legal system you will realize that TheeBeast666 is more righteous than any of these people. When you see what our American legal system did to me and my entire family you will understand that there was no other way than through a beast to express my nuclear anger and be politically correct. When the United States Supreme Court would not correct these injustices they literally paved the path for me to become TheeBeast666. I’ve been letting the American legal system destroy my entire family for too long because I saw no way to legally charge the highest court in America until now. The legal system has taken my son away and ruined a very intelligent and talented young girl just because our legal system enjoys self imposed protectionism and immunity from our laws. I’ve been fighting the American legal system for over 20 years now so I am going to show you the evidence that caused me to become TheeBeast666. I will show you evidence of our corrupt American Legal System so you can judge for yourself just how sick they are. My mission is to reform the whole legal system in America and make it fair again for all people. I know at least three of the justices on the U. S. Supreme Court that saw my evidence so I have asked as recently as 7-4-2020 why did they refuse to correct all the fraud going on in our State and Federal Courts: but obviously they don’t want any of this to be seen by the public. The fraudulent activity of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is proven by my evidence and is crystal clear even for people with an IQ of 70 or so.

Prick of the Commonwealth
Commonwealth Fraud Man Marshall Prick a sin e

This much insanity in America’s highest court just to protect their legal system is a ruse resulting from absolute corruption in the system. They had caused me to question our laws and that made me realize that I must be TheeBeast666. I’m warning you now that if you have any religious beliefs and really believe that the prophets in your religion had a connection to some supreme being or believe judges in our legal system are something special and honorable; please exit this website/video for your own good. I’m sorry I had to even say something like this but the shock contain on this site could seriously hurt your belief system and I don’t know how many religious people can handle it. Our legal system has put me through this mental core change and living it wasn’t easy because my entire core belief system was heinously shocked and awakened. I’m an honorable discharged Navy veteran and served 4 years in one of our illegal wars and then the American Legal System fucked me and my entire family and took away a young girl’s life just to save a close friend and protect a legal system full of corruption.  Anyway my visit to hell so to speak started when I was fraudulently convicted of misdemeanor charges. When the legal system sent me away for six fucking years for the railroaded misdemeanors I was able to study 26 religions and I also found out that our legal system was not honorable or ethical anymore. When I finally realized that the United States Supreme Court and the United States Congress are totally out of control I officially became TheeBeast666. The American legal system thinks that they are serving us when actually they are only serving themselves and their close friends. The problem is that we have given them to have too much power which has led to absolute corruption in our legal system. Some people see some of this corruption and believe that Congress should have term limits but get this: Congress can only pass term limits with a majority vote so how many would vote to lose their jobs? We need to end this self-imposed job protectionism of our lawmakers and replace most of them. Congress has told us that we are granted and have access to the courts but the highest court in the land can only hear about 3% of the cases presented to it. This is a gift for U. S. attorneys, and they just love it because they know win or lose their clients money will be in their pockets. Sadly many attorneys have prolonged the legal process because of their heinous ineffectiveness and some do it deliberately just to get more money from their clients. The United States Supreme Court has seen my evidence and they have ignored and dismissed all my evidence which has proved: ineffective assistance of counsel, hiding perjury evidence of the State’s key witness, dismissing forged documents used for death threats, Pennsylvania’s fraud of hiding evidence and Pennsylvania’s fraud again upon a Federal Court. My evidence is very real so let me assure you that this is definitely not a fictional story because all my evidence has been taken from previously submitted court records and thus all my evidence can be verified. Now if some fucking court tries to seal my evidence or blocks my video from public view you’ll know just how fucked up these assholes are. Don’t even think this is a bull shit story, my evidence proves unequivocally that our legal system in America is totally unethical. The BLM movement just got a sample of the corruption in our legal system but fighting corruption with corruption doesn’t work the same as fire. They were led to believe it is just a police problem but remember, all the same biases are present in most of our prosecutors, attorneys, judges and even our lawmakers in Congress. And if you think the Supreme Court doesn’t have any these biases, ask yourself this: why do the political parties fight like mafia godfathers just to control a seat in the highest court in America. If we allow all these biases and their self imposed immunities to proceed then they are indeed above our laws without question. Our lawmakers have made laws basically stating that equal protection of the laws does not apply to any member in their legal system because all will enjoy immunity in their official capacity even if their members end-run the United States Constitution. We must demand term limits.


I have also decided to become TheeBeast666 because I need to see my son Jon which I haven’t seen in over 20 years and I also want to help Kathryn get her life back. Kathryn was the happiest child I ever knew but she had a little devil in her (slang not evil) which made her unique.  I loved her dearly so when I saw all her inter beauty and talents destroyed by all these monsters I went nuclear a few years ago. My ex used life insurance policies to scare the fuck out of her own daughter and then the fucking bitch presented these policies to the court to prove the death threats that she had planted in her own daughter. So it was too easy for my ex to get Kathryn to testify that I threatened to kill her and the rest of her family for money. I can get hundreds of people to confirm that Kathryn through age 10 was the happiest child in the world, she had straight A’s, and she had the best smile you ever saw. When I would pick her up at day care she would run and jump into my arms and hug me like she hadn’t seen me in days. If I have any faults it may be that I let Kathryn get away with too much because I loved her too much. But all Kathryn’s love ended for me when Chris and I separated when Kathryn was 10 years old. I don’t know what her mother told her but I never had any contact with Kathryn again until she was about 13 years old when she got in trouble at school. When Kathryn was questioned about her sexual activities I knew from past behavior that Kathryn would never take the blame for anything she did because I had seen her change the facts many times before just to cover her ass. Kathryn was an artist at this and that’s why I call her a little devil (slang only) sometimes. The sickest thing my ex ever did was using life insurance policies to scare the fuck out of her own daughter. My ex pounded Kathryn’s mind with shit like this: look Franco hated you, he wouldn’t adopt you, and he was going to kill you and the rest of us for money. Thus Kathryn was wrongfully mentally tortured after being told by her own mother that Franke, someone she had loved dearly was really going to kill her. It is truly even more appalling that our American legal system has allowed Kathryn to suffer this long without ever allowing her to know that the insurance policies were actually forgeries and fraudulently used by her mother. Kathryn still believes I was going to hurt or kill her and the rest of her family. All this was based on the forged life insurance policies criminally used by my ex and she even presented them to the court to establish her fake story in Kathryn’s mind.

The Lies and The Torture — He was going to kill you!

My evidence presented to the United States Supreme Court actually proved: ineffective assistance of counsel, constitutional violations of two Judges but they enjoy immunity, fraud by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and Pennsylvania’s fraud again upon a Federal Court, The United States Supreme Court willfully and wrongfully refused to address any of these constitutional violations so they are truly criminals in the highest degree. I gave the United States Supreme Court two extra chances to address my evidence and they said fuck you Franke. My ex didn’t know the insurance policies were forged but she had heinously used the insurance policies to kill any love Kathryn still had for me and did indeed fill her own daughter’s mind with fraudulent death threats. Allowing any mother to get away with this is appalling. Anyway my attorney Dave Ridge was definitely ineffective for not getting Kathryn’s perjury evidence especially when I repeatedly told him that Kathryn had committed perjury because I found the perjury testimony and I’ll show you that perjury evidence now:

See the perjury evidence of the State’s key witness at:   See menu — Evidence of False Testimony

My attorney Dave Ridge biggest crime and extreme ineffectiveness was his lies straight to my face. First he tells me one person testimony is enough for conviction. Then he said taking a no contest plea will avoid State time which was so wrong that removing his tongue would certainly be justified. (Try to understand I got six fucking years in State prison after I took his fucked up no contest plea.) I further charged attorney Dave Ridge with ineffective assistance of counsel because he wrongfully protected his brother and a powerful company. His brother is Tom Ridge, the Ex-Governor of Pennsylvania and later was the head of Homeland Security. Tom Ridge had ties with Erie Insurance so Dave Ridge became ineffective when he helped dismiss critical defense evidence (the forged Erie Insurance policies being used for death threats). When I told Dave Ridge the policies were forged he then helped to hide Erie Insurance’s ties to the forgery and his brother’s ties to that company. He was also ineffective when he failed to get the perjury evidence of the State’s key witness when I got it. I thought Dave Ridge would have no problem defending me but I had no idea that he was a total lying asshole. Even more sickening was the fact that the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania would hide the perjury evidence of their key witness from my attorney. Yes this was very political just because Kathryn just happened to be related to Erie’s Ex-Mayor Lou Tullio who was the Mayor of Erie from 1966 to 1989. On the morning of trial Dave Ridge, my sick attorney tells me: “For misdemeanor charges like yours, one person’s testimony is enough for a State conviction so I want you to consider a no contest plea to avoid any State time. Apparently the United States Constitution does mean a fucking thing anymore in Pennsylvania.

 Deceitful Charmer and a Liar

Dave Ridge never said a fucking word about any of this until the morning of trial and this mother fucker had just demanded another $10,000.00 for trial costs just weeks before. This fucking jerk also told me that the judge will take it easy on you because you will have saved Kathryn the embarrassment of a trial and you have no priors of any kind. There is something seriously wrong with this lying bastard. I sent thousands of emails so they wouldn’t elect attorney Dave Ridge for a judge position but in late 2019 Erie residents elected Dave Ridge as a judge so things are definitely fucked up in Erie Pennsylvania. I had sent affidavits to the U.S. Supreme Court to confirm Dave Ridge’s lies to my face about taking a no contest plea for no State time but they didn’t give a shit, they implied Dave Ridge is God you can’t fuck with him.

Here’s one of the affidavits proving that I truly hate this mother fucker Dave Ridge and his lies to my face:

Here’s one or the affidavits confirming Dave Ridge’s lies


All my affidavits proved that Dave Ridge lied straight to my face by saying a no contest plea will avoid any State time. I also want to say that when I told Dave Ridge the insurance policies were forgeries but he didn’t give a fuck about what these policies might had done to Kathryn’s head at all, he was just worried about protecting Erie Insurance from the forgeries caused by their questionable sales promotion and the ties his brother had with Erie Insurance. Naturally the politically connected judge Ernest DiSantis Jr. wrongfully dismissed the forged life insurance policies that were being used in his court to confirm death threats. The powers in Erie PA decided to protect or were ordered to protect Erie Insurance, one of Erie largest employers, and they knew the Governor and House member Tom Ridge had ties with Erie Insurance and Mayor Lou Tullio. Since Kathryn was related to the Ex-Mayor Lou Tullio in Erie, PA this was very politically motivated indeed and their corruption is now exposed.


Dave Ridge is not a good defense attorney especially when I repeatedly told this asshole the Commonwealth was hiding perjury evidence. I told this prick Kathryn has denied a real assault at Grandview and had totally replaced the fucking thing with a new assault in the same fucking year. I told this asshole that the Rape Crisis Center and the sexual counselor were critical for any defense. Proving Kathryn was lying is the only defense in these cases and they hid it all, just how fucked up is that? Thus our corrupt American legal system fraudulently kept all my defense evidence hidden and there wasn’t a damn court in this country that would address this railroaded conviction, the obstruction of justice by the State of Pennsylvania or even their fraud again upon a Federal Court. Anyway I believed like a damn fool, what my fucking attorney told me about taking a no contest plea and receiving no State time and I also knew for a fact that the fucking Commonwealth of Pennsylvania was hiding perjury evidence which denied me any defense. I also thought that Dave Ridge’s no contest plea would just end all this political bull shit and start my new job. Even during my no contest plea I told the asshole judge Ernest DiSantis Jr. when asked if I agreed to the charges I stated “except for the system”. Thus I was forced and fraudulently tricked into a no contest plea. With all the media coverage about the alleged charges against me I was also forced by my boss in Pittsburgh to transfer to a job opening in Houston. Anyway right after I took the no contest plea my attorney tells me: “Go to Houston and start your new job we are done here”. So I put all my stuff on a trailer and rented an apartment in Houston and talked to my new boss. On my drive to Houston from Erie PA I thought this is too fucked up because I had to return for sentencing and I didn’t need all this fake shit on my record. So I contacted an attorney in Houston about what the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and my attorney did to me and he said oh my God fire Dave Ridge, get a new attorney, withdrawn that plea, and then find/get the evidence they are hiding. When I came back to Erie from Houston for the withdrawing hearing with my new attorney, the sick fucking judge Ernest DiSantis Jr. denied the withdrawal and then this fucking prick sentenced me with an aggravated sentence of six fucking years in State Prison.

Come Face DiSantis
Dork Face Ernest DiSanits Jr.

I’m sorry I went to Cathedral Prep (a sick place) with this fucking prick and now I know why he loved the head master there so well. So I lost all my stuff because I never got back to Houston. Can there be more insanity in Pennsylvania, you can bet your ass on it. The Pennsylvania Prison System forced me to max out the entire six years because they demanded (yes I said demanded) that I had to admit to all the charges or I would be denied parole: and they demanded this for a no contest plea for misdemeanors no less. There was no fucking way that I was going to be forced to admit to fraudulent charges just to satisfy these pricks and pussies on the parole board. Are you starting to see why I became TheeBeast666? Some of you may still think all this is all fiction but I have all the evidence and all of it can be verified. While serving my fraudulent sentence I found the perjury evidence while appealing in the Erie Federal Court and presented it to them. After this Federal Court’s first dismissal I repeatedly motioned this Federal Court that the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania had lied and had committed fraud when they told this Federal Court that my new found evidence proving perjury was dismissed in the lower court. I motioned this fucking Federal Court repeatedly to give me a hearing to prove the fraudulent lies of Pennsylvania and Baxter told me it was not her duty to investigate a limine motion in State Court even when I had repeatedly told her that it was a willful, wrongful, and fraudulent lie by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Shameful Sue Baxter

So now ask yourself, how could a Federal Judge Susan Baxter ever believe that perjury evidence of the State’s key witness was actually dismissed? After brain-dead Federal Justice Susan Baxter’s repeated dismissals I sent it back to the lower court to the fucked up trial judge Ernest DiSantis Jr. and if you can possibly imagine that come face said I had submitted the perjury evidence of the State’s key witness to late: so I knew this little prick was in on the railroad conviction from the start.

Dork Head Ernest DiSantis Jr.

And because all the judges enjoy absolute immunity in their official capacity I couldn’t touch any of these fucking bastards. This fucking judge Ernest DiSantis Jr. also knew that the Erie Insurance policies were forged and had been submitted to his court to establish terroristic death threats and this prick had ruled to have them dismissed just to protect his friends at Erie Insurance and Dave Ridge’s brother who had ties with Erie Insurance. So this prick Ernest DiSantis Jr. has allowed my ex to keep the death threats alive in Kathryn’s mind and Kathryn has been tortured by these orchestrated death fears for over 20 years now. My own son Jon believes that I am some kink of an evil fuck and recently changed his name to Boyd because his mother told him to do it; my ex has some serious mental illness problems for sure. Hope you are now starting to see just how fucked up our American legal system is and why I was forced to become TheeBeast666?


These heinous actions by my ex and the American legal system have totally destroyed Kathryn’s life, totally fucked my son, Jon, and it has totally fucked my immediate family including my first marriage and my two other children from that marriage. When my ex Chris Boyd fraudulently got me prison time she never realized that she would lose all her child support so she couldn’t pay her mortgage. Here’s another interesting fact: they moved into their new home which was just two roofs from me. When the trouble at Kathryn’s school started about the same time as our custody battle was going on I somehow became an abuser and a family killer for money. Know this: Kathryn never said a word to anyone about any death threats or abuse prior moving into her new home just until she got in trouble at school. Because there was no child support my ex had to move to South Carolina to her parent’s home. The courts naturally gave her permission to take the children with her. With that win Chris Boyd did not allow any communication with my son which I haven’t seen in over 20 years now. Thus the American Legal System has and continues to fuck me so I call it: the kidnapping of my son by the America’s legal system. If you don’t think I’m totally pissed off and totally nuclear, think again: these fuckers are extremely lucky I’m still civilized.

Nuclear Words

Anyway when I finally got out of prison no boss would hire me or recommend me so I immediately went to the FBI and they told me to get more evidence of the Commonwealth’s fraud and let the U. S. Supreme Court handle it. So I hired attorney Hathaway to search the entire lower court records because I told him that the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania fraudulently told an Erie Federal Court that my new found evidence proving the perjury of their key witness was dismissed in the lower court and I knew it was never dismissed. His search of the entire lower court record now proves that my evidence of perjury was never dismissed in any lower court which proves that the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania did indeed commit fraud upon the Federal Court. I sent all this evidence and much more to the United States Supreme Court and this fucking court refused to address any of it. I’m out to remove all the corruption in the American legal system including any protectionism and immunities of the United States Supreme Court. They may end-run our U.S. Constitution again and violate my free speech by ruling my voice can not be heard just to protect their asses but it won’t do them any good even if they have me killed. They are now exposed and nothing is going to change that now.     See menu — Attorney Confirms Pennsylvania’s Fraud

The damn United States Supreme Court refused to address any of these crimes and thus their willful and wrongful dismissal of my evidence has allowed fraud upon a Federal Court to be legally acceptable I guess? So I ask how we can have law and order in this country when our legal system is allowed to protect all their members and enjoy immunity and they can not be sued for any damages they have caused American citizens and they will keep fucking us if we don’t stop them. Thus our legal system is not ethical or honorable anymore and they only appear to be ethical and honorable when they rule outside their cult circle. I say fuck this legal system if they can’t play fair: and since I have now proven they can’t play fair they can go fuck themselves.

U.S. Gods?
We say States are immune and can commit fraud upon Federal Courts

Legal reform is mandatory especially when they can kill you for minor crimes as you have seen lately and reform is mandatory when they can send you to prison for six full years for fraudulent misdemeanors. These fuckers sit around with their absolute immunity, can even protect some members from rape and murder charges if they can hide enough evidence or they will even plant a weapon for some self defense evidence if it serves them. With this same ego and attitude they tell us that we must do everything they say when they stop us and if you appear or have been alleged to be breaking any of their laws they might just shoot you and maybe even kill you. Thanks for serving and protecting us from criminals but for now some of you seem to be the criminals and too many of you are just busting our balls. I do have some attitude changes that should be made in the world and here’s one: If you believe a third world war is coming it’s time to get your head out of your asses and end this sickening belief before it is too late. TheeBeast666 is theoretically here to save planet earth for the next 2000 years but there are no guarantees because I’m not communicating with any supreme being. I only believe the world needs to change before the human species destroys the planet with wars and greed. World greed is sickening and getting worst every year because sadly some of you can buy sneakers that cost over $1000.00 and yet you haven’t spent one dime to save one human being from dying on the planet at this very minute.

        It’s sickening

This American greed shows an attitude of me, myself and I, and some parents will say my family needs these sneakers more than that asshole living on the street or my family member needs them more than some child starving in America or in some third world country which is heinously appalling when they have so much. Some religious leaders say the 10 commandments are moral sins and almost all humans think murder is wrong but other moral commandments like do not bear false witness upon a neighbor appears to be no big fucking deal anymore. It’s not even a sin anymore and not punishable unless of course you swear your lies on a court bible and they have to prove you were lying. The exception is unless you are a woman swearing under oath that you harassed her thus there is no punishment for her. There seems to be too much of none sense going on today so I’ll try to fix some of it.

10 Commandments
The 10 Commandments

All our laws were based on the 10 commandments through Roman law but let me document that I say no mythical supreme being ever carved the laws on a tablet with a finger; and even if you believe god did carve them with his finger or told Moses what to carve, why did Moses throw god’s law tablets into a pit and smash them when he came down from the mountain? He did this because he was obviously pissed off when he saw that a golden calf was being adored. He had to go up again just to add: “thou shall not have strange gods before you” or something like that. The sad part of the Moses story is that this asshole apparently got lost in a desert for 40 freaking years. So ask yourself, why would a man make the people he loved so much, travel in a circle for 40 years in a desert? Then the poor guy, when he was almost dead he said to his people: right over there, your Promised Land. I was raised in a Christian environment and I believed a lot of the crap they taught me but Moses never had any connection to any supreme being and we all know what the burning bush might have been. And what decent god or any decent human being would have allowed the killing of all the first born children and caused all the other natural occurring tragedies just so Moses could have some people circle and suffer in a desert for 40 years. All the prophets have only prayed to the sky so none of them ever really communicated with any supreme being and most of their stories are really crazy like the ones about: Adam and Eve, Mary getting pregnant by an angel and another one is Noah putting every freaking animal on the planet into a boat: pure nonsense.

Noah’s Bull Shit
An Angel did it?
An Angel did it?

Do some people assume that animals like tigers were tame or did every animal have their own cage and did Noah have every animal’s food on board too? And just how would Mary’s story work today? Can you really imagine a 12 year old saying for real: god sent a holy angel and I’m having his son? This doesn’t make any sense today so how do you really believe it could have happened about 2000 years ago? And let me tell you right now, many people have died for your sins not just Jesus. George Floyd may have died for our sins so how is the legal system handling overdoses or the mentally ill on the streets? If you think your religion is the true one get your head out of your ass and realize that our ancestors have lived on this planet for millions of years just trying to survive. The violent attacks and greed among our species has been going on for millions of years and it’s time for a change. There was no religion for the human species until about 1700 BC and look how many religions we have now. Because of the insanity of the American Legal System I did everything possible to seek out a supreme being and when Jesus didn’t help I studied about 26 other religions to see if they had the answers: they didn’t. The prophets all failed to supply evidence of any supreme beings and yet many of their myth stories are believed much like Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny stories. The biggest problem I see is that all of our religions have failed to stop wars and the greed within our species thus if we don’t change, the planet will be destroyed. I will be getting around to all the religions of the world so don’t think I have forgotten yours because all the prophets have implied that they had a connection to a supreme being and that is total bull shit. Some people say but my prophet raised people from the dead: I say just how much bull shit do you want me to believe? Today we can bring some people back after 7 minutes but not days, so end of story. Someday all of you should realize that we could make earth as our heaven if we can try to love everyone and understand that there is no other place after this. So if you want to see heaven make it happen here it’s the one and only planet earth: save it or destroy is my message. I’m not talking about the extreme radical fucks in this world that claim to have all the answers so we need math and science to handle the right directions. A core belief change will be very tough for religious people to handle so if you are still here and need another place to go when you die, hang on to that if you have too. I know how tough it was for me to realize that this life is it and I know I’ll never see a heaven unless I see it here. Our legal system is currently making our laws, enforces their laws, will punish us if we don’t comply, and yet they are protected and immune from our laws. Give me equal protection of our laws or give me your resignation. They will tell us they are not above the law but just try to sue a judge today. Our legal system is quite similar to the old plantation owners telling their slaves (us) what to do and when to do it and if you don’t do what we say it will be punishment for sure. Yes we must have law and order but if the legal system doesn’t have any law and order and denies us equal protection under the law they can go fuck themselves. Here’s another point American citizens need to know: our government has been taxing us without any representation. For an example look at the taxes on your cell phone and cable bill and try to understand that a person making $25,000 a year pays the same tax as someone making $120,000 a year. The tax on gasoline is fixed so rich people just don’t give a shit only the low and middle class get hurt. All these added State and Federal taxes are no big deal for the person making $120,000 per year but for the person making $25,000 per year it could be costing their children a meal or two and/or even health care. I call it taxation without representation, even the IRS only charges tax based on income but every other added taxes and surcharges are not based on income so how fair it that? Only our lawmakers think it’s fair. I want the U S Supreme Court punished for actually covering up Pennsylvania’s State fraud and then covering up Pennsylvania’s willful fraud again in a Federal Court. If you have read all my evidence then you know just how fucked up the system is! And I don’t want to hear any fucking complaints from anyone about my French words or how evil I am, unless you have been fraudulently charged with railroaded misdemeanors and have wrongfully served a State prison term for six freaking years.

I’ll be in touch,

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