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Amendment 8-5-23 The main street media is becoming a National Security Issue because they are showing favoritism for one party in America. This is a serious national security weapon against America because both parties are not been represented evenly. Trump may have caused this problem by repeating calling them the fake news: thus the main street media tries to save face and only reports news that attacks Trump and his party. But if in fact the main street medias are ever found to have deliberately used their reporting to divide America for political reasons to change election votes or to aid our American enemies in a divide-and-conquer plot then they should be held accountable including treason. This is one of the sickest time in American history and the psychological damage to American Citizens has yet to be realized. Let me now show you just how bad this two-tier legal system works in America and sadly it goes all the way to the United States Supreme Court.

Adults Only – 666 attacks the America’s Legal System

Supreme Court Justices
These sick people ultimately created –Thee Beast 666

Summary: This site shows why I am truly the Main Enemy of the America Legal System and I will shown you  now all the shocking very disturbing factual evidence.

These Supreme Court bastards and bitches (excuse my French) have allowed a DA  to hide perjury evidence – for misdemeanors no less, they have allowed a DA to lie and commit fraud upon a Federal Court, they have allowed ineffective assistance of counsel, they have allowed a judge to deny a change of venue just to guarantee a conviction, they have allowed a federal judge to believe perjury evidence was dismissed in the lower court with no evidence of any kind and whereas the federal judge denied my repeated motions to show that the DA had indeed committed fraud upon her court. Most of all they have allowed a life time of torture upon a girl by refusing or allowing me to show the forged insurance policies that were used on Kathryn S. Boyd to prove to Kathryn that death threats by her step-dad were very real – wrongfully and willfully orchestrated by her own freaking mother. What kink of person would ever use death threats as a weapon to kill the love of a child for her step-dad which causes that child to be tortured with fake death threats for the rest of their life? By far the sickest thing I have ever seen in my life and our legal system has claimed the death threats were real while the sick bastards in our legal system hid the evidence that would have allowed the Rape Crisis Center counselor to testify that that could not have been true. These bastards and bitches are calling this law and order I say FU. These Supreme maggots have American Citizens really believing that there is justice in our American justice system: well I certainly know better. These Supreme bastards and bitches think they are God as they show In God We Trust in their court rooms but they know they are the only gods in America. When you see all my evidence that I have against these animals you may lose your religion like me and hopefully some of you will demand reform. You can believe these evil bastards and bitches are ethical and honorable or look at the following evidence for yourself.  It will take this beast to expose the freaking corruption in our American Legal System and I have and will show you all the evidence of the sickness that is in our legal system. I had to take my no contest misdemeanors all the way to the U. S. Supreme and then these dumb asses  told me: FU Mr. Franke. So please look at the following evidence I submitted in court records and decide for yourself how ethical these bastards and bitches are. Yes it is unbelievable that this much corruption is going on in America and you will soon see why I was totally shocked especially after I served 4 years in Navy protecting America and then receiving this kind of unethical justice in America. Our courts should be charged with child abuse because they have allowed a child to suffer with fake death threats and they knew it. NO, it doesn’t get any worst, that’s why I’m out to get these m-fr’s. The collateral damage to my children and family is unforgiveable as well as the appalling psychological damage that Kathryn Boyd has endured. No real god actually cares what these bastards/bitches do and get away with; so it is up to me, 666, to expose their corruption and prove to America that our legal people are not gods but only maggots acting and pretending to be God. Here’s my evidence:

Victim’s Testimony Under Oath – Victim: Kathryn Boyd – Mr. Ridge: my attorney

I don’t want Kathryn Boyd ever charged with perjury I want only the bastards and bitches that coached, drilled, and tortured her mind with fake death threats: they need water board treatment just to start their punishment and then they should be put to death.



Wait a minute Ms. Kathryn S. Boyd – What about the following police report and the disposition to the Rape Crisis Center? Keep in mind the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania hid all this evidence from the courts and then even lied to a Federal Court saying all my evidence submitted of a disposition of case to the Rape Crisis Center was dismissed in the lower court in a Motion of Limine and the bastard never submitted any evidence of the Motion to support his lies. The bitch (Baxter) in Federal Court refused repeatedly to hear my Motions to prove the DA’s fraud and lies: the bitch wrongfully, willfully, and obviously believed the DA would never lie. 


Ms. Kathryn S. Boyd gave a highly detail report of a sexual assault by Frank Sontag going on from 1986-1988 including hand jobs, wanting blow jobs, forced to watch xxx videos, and to seal the deal: death threats upon her and her family. Kathryn has no memory at all of  the now documented sexual counseling at the Rape Crisis Center? Let me show what the Rape Crisis people would have said if the DA had not kept it hidden: , they would have said you Kathryn S. Boyd are obviously a liar, you were definitely here at the Rape Crisis Center and we did obviously ask you about being sexually abused. As an added note, all the abusive stories Kathryn reported about Frank Sontag could not have been over-looked by the Rape Crisis Center especially the false claimed death threats because this is what they are trained to do and they generally start with parent abuse. Sadly it took me five years behind bars to finally get the following evidence proving Kathryn’s sexual counseling by Kathy Peterson at the Rape Crisis Center.

Again it took me over five years behind prison walls to get my hands on this hidden evidence. Five freaking years so how in the hell does anyone get sentenced to six years for misdemeanors with no parole? Because the prison board demanded I admit guilt to the no contest misdemeanors or no freaking parol for you Mr. Franke: I just couldn’t do it – my principals got in the way. When I finally got out of prison I presented all this evidence to the U.S. Supreme Court and with a stroke of a pen some bastard Justice just dismissed it. I finally lost all my religious beliefs and became theeBeast666. Lately the Anti-Christ wants me to deliver his messages: but I haven’t decided yet.

Here’s my Federal Court Motion for a hearing to prove that the DA was lying. I showed Justice  Baxter Kathryn’s testimony and the Millcreek Police Report showing disposition of the case to the Rape Crisis Center. The bitch would not give me a hearing to prove that the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania lied and then I even submitted all of it to her boss Justice Mclaughlin and that bastard dismissed it. This bitch just believed the DA when he said the perjury evidence I submitted was dismissed in the lower court. The bitch even reported in her dismissal that no evidence was submitted by the DA to support his claim. How in the hell can any judge believe that perjury evidence of the State’s key witness was ever dismissed. Even a person with an IQ of 70 and lower would know this evidence proves that Kathryn S. Boyd had committed perjury. All the people who caused this induced perjury should have their tongues removed and that includes the all the court poeple which reinforced Kathryn’s belief system that want she tesified to: must be real.

Here’s my denied Motion:


After this bitch said my evidence was excluded and I got out of prison I hired an attorney to search the entire court records for this fake motion in limine claimed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to see if this any motion was ever excluded. If the freaking bitch Justice Baster would have granted my motion to show the DA’s lies and fraud I would have got a get out of jail now. Here’s that documented proof: 



As a U.S. Vet serving 4 years and honorably discharged in the war with Vietnam what the hell was I fighting for? Surely we don’t need this kind of justice including the freaking U.S. Supreme Court putting the last nail in my coffin. Citizens are starting to see that the FBI and the DOJ are as corrupt as our legal system in America. I have been fighting this corruption for over 20 years now and only a few people want to do anything about it. We need reform badly or all of us will be controlled by these evil freaking animals. They will continue to protect themselves and their friends and fk the rest of us. The greed and corruption in America is appalling. They have convinced many American Citizens that they really believe ‘In God We Trust’. When these bastards and bitches are asked to tell the truth some say ‘I swear to tell the truth so help me God’ some then swear to themselves: FU I’m God around here. We need to fix every person thinking like this by simply removing their tongues. There is work to be done!


Franke Joseph Sontag

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