To Jon and Kathryn:

Well, I’m pretty much at the wits end with Kathryn unless she tells an attorney then I never threatened to kill her or her family and that I never said: “Don’t say anything to anyone about sex or I will kill you and your family.” She will also have to say that she came into my bedroom jacking me off in my own bed, and as I turned, I told her: I thought you were Chris, and then she told me, as she was leaving: “If you tell my mother what I was doing to you I will tell her that you were touching me.” This blackmail trick and Blame Shifting was learned from her mother’s blackmail tricks: learned when I refused to adopt Kathryn with Chris’ evil threats of giving Kathryn’s real father custody if I didn’t adopt Kathryn now. She did threaten me to adopt Kathryn, knowing that this man wanted an abortion before Kathryn’s birth and never had any contact with Kathryn sense birth, now 10 years later. Heinously a very sick fucking person if you ask anyone. Her best friend told me; Chris was just looking for child support payments because she was thinking about a separation. Kathryn’s blackmail trick gave her too much control over me and I had to find a way to get back parental control back, but I couldn’t because of the Blame Shifting. When Kathryn started to cross the lines with her sexual experimenting, I had to ask for a divorce because Kathryn’s threat of Blame Shifting could only lead to more serious sex. Don’t get me wrong I’ll always love Kathryn and I thought she loved me, but perhaps she was just using me like her mother which is now a growing concern. So, when this goes viral with my evidence and I get to legally expose these bastards, Kathryn will have to tell the truth or sadly I will be forced to have Kathryn suffer with the rest of them. I probably made some mistakes handling Kathryn, but my thoughts were that I did not want Kathryn to be as fucked up with sex as her mother is. An example: Kathryn learned that Frank would get some sex if he did what Chris wanted him to do, even if Frank originally said NO. Pretty fucked up for any wife, especially when they deliberately sexually starve their husband. Chris was so fucked up as a wife that she would only sleep with the children and never with her husband. Jon, she wanted a divorce before you were born and I’m sorry and totally ashamed that I wanted her back: that was my mistake, but I wanted you to have a father. That reason to keep her has been too much to bear. Do you really expect me to live with all the lies and knowing Kathryn is still living with false death threats and was being abused so bad that she wanted me to kill her real dad? It’s appalling how the legal system is so fucked up and has allowed this much damage to Kathryn, me, and my entire family. All these fuckers caused me to lose my religion, so I am thee Beast now and I even host the Antichrist Messages. I’m fucking serious and I’m not going away! If Kathryn doesn’t know that I loved her and that I would never hurt her, then the torture she has endured is worse than I thought. I thought she loved me too, so I can’t really believe she was using me just like her mother, but I can’t dismiss the fact that I might be wrong about the love she once had for me. I still love her even if I find out she was just using me, but not as much. I didn’t know how to stop Kathryn after she said she would totally blame me if I ever tried to blame her for anything. Kathryn is a good Blame Shifter, but the Democrat Party takes first place. I knew if I didn’t leave there was going to be serious sex down the road. After I told Chris I wanted a divorce when Jon turns seven, more trouble came when Chris was demanding that I watch you kids on my 4 months off from work and eliminate all the childcare at Little U. Full time with Kathryn was now out of question. I really loved Kathryn, but she became the boss and was controlling me like a puppet, so I had to get a divorce. One more thing: I don’t want Kathryn to blame herself for causing the divorce because she learned the blackmail trick and Blame Shifting from her mother. Finally, the American Legal System must be reformed and punished, as they have become a destroyer of the U. S. American Constitution. If you read all my evidence, you will understand what I am talking about. Listen, I have enough evidence against the legal system to destroy the American legal system including the United States Supreme Court, so that means they may want me dead soon, thought you should know.

Franke Joseph Sontag.

     6         6         6

PS: Jon, I want you to know that I lost the custody battle for you because of all the fucking fraud that occurred by the American Legal System and your mother’s manipulation of Kathryn’s core beliefs when she used fake death threats to fuck her own daughter’s mind with false fears just to kill any love Kathryn had for me. 

I don’t know how long I can keep this page private before a search engine finds it. If Kathryn wants me to erase it, please let me know ASAP. And I want Kathryn to call me if she wants it canceled, not you. Your lack of communication has forced me to use my site to communicate, file was too large, so that’s on you.


People Above all our Laws



ATTORNEY DAVE RIDGE – Now a fucking Judge    Click Me!!!

JUDGE ERNEST DESANTIS JR. – Original Trial Judge Click Me!!!

JUDGE SEAN MCLAUGHLIN – Erie Federal Court Click Me!!!

JUDGE SUSAN PARADISE BAXTER – Magistrate in Erie Federal Court Click Me!!!

MARSHALL PICCININI, Esquire – PA Deputy DA’s Office Click Me!!!

CHRIS BOYD/GRASSI/SONTAG/SANDERS – Kathryn Boyd’s Mother Click Me!!!

PERSON IN CHARGE OF FREE TRIP forcing Agent fraud – Erie Insurance and Agents?


See all the evidence at: The Beast


The Dark Side of America


 The Dark Side of America is real and appalling… – You could be next!

What would you do if the United States Supreme Court allowed Pennsylvania Courts to commit fraud in their own courts and then again in Federal Courts just to convict you for fake misdemeanors? Well, that’s exactly what these pricks did to me and my family. I’m totally pissed off because of Pennsylvania’s fraudulent actions because I have not seen my son since he was 10 years old which is over 25 years now, they have allowed my stepdaughter to suffer with the false fears of death threats and have tortured her for over 25 years, and they have heinously destroyed my family name for fraudulent misdemeanor charges just because my stepdaughter was related to the Ex-Mayor of Erie, PA. I showed the United States Supreme Court the evidence of Pennsylvania hiding perjury evidence of their key witness and their fraud upon a Federal Court, and they dismissed it all. I now have the proof that that they lied. I had Attorney Hathaway search the entire court record and he has verified that Pennsylvania did in fact commit fraud upon this Federal Court because my perjury evidence of their key witness was never dismissed in the lower court. Keep in mind the retarded judge in this Federal Court actually believed that my evidence proving the perjury of the State’s key witness was somehow dismissed in the lower court: this judge was obviously sick in the head. After fighting in the courts for six years and finally getting out the FBI told me to get more evidence and let the U. S. Supreme Court handle it: that’s when I hired Atty. Hathaway. After Atty. Hathaway verified Pennsylvania’s fraud I took all my misdemeanors to the United States Supreme Court with all the documented evidence now shown on this website and the Supreme Court dismissed all my evidence with the stroke of a pen obviously just to protect the fraudulent activities going on in their American Kangaroo Court System. These sick people should have killed me because I want to destroy these assholes one way or another. If the court system wants to protect women and children and not men, then equal protection under the law has been voided and we have kissed away the United States Constitution. Controlling my hate against these assholes has not been easy and these assholes are truly lucky I’m still civilized, or they would all fear me dearly. Sure, I learned some French in prison so bear with me and as the U. S. Supreme Court put the last nail in my coffin. I found out there couldn’t be a god as these assholes sit in their dresses and label their courts with: In God We Trust. These assholes will someday hopefully kiss my ass because I have all the evidence proving their unethical sickness. They are heinous and appalling so America should rethink what they thought was an honorable court system: it is not honorable. If you don’t believe me then why do our Political Parties fight to the death to control a seat in our highest court? Yes, these bitches and bastards are full of hidden biases and I’m about to destroy their American Legal System because it is certainly not honorable or ethical anymore. Our American Legal System needs to be honorable and ethical with liberty and justice for all or we are doomed. 

This website will destroy the images you have of the ethics and honor of the American Legal System because I can now prove to you that Pennsylvania has and can hide perjury evidence of their key witnesses, they have and can in fact commit more fraud even upon a Federal Court to keep all their fraudulent activities hidden, and then the United State Supreme Court did and can in fact dismissed all your evidence just to keep all their corruption and fraud which goes on in our courts now and hidden from the American public. If you think I’m fucking you with bull shit I want you to know that I really do have all the evidence that proves the American Legal System has in fact committed the biggest fucking ruse that you have ever seen, and this kind of shit is going on daily in the American Legal System. When more people see my evidence, they will understand that most of these legal assholes have no place in our society. And once a national media looks at my evidence and begins to show it to the world, the current legal system in America will fold and a complete new legal system including Congress will be demanded with term limits. Without legal reform America Citizens will continue to be controlled and conned. These fuckers make laws just to make them, yes them, more powerful and wealthy so we are now serving them not them serving us. And since no god has no power over these legal fucks America has been conned to believe that they rule under the watchful eye of a God that you trust. Cut it the fuck out you legal fraudulent forked tongue bastards, you are using a belief in a god to fuck us over, demand your respect, ethics, and honor which is an appalling con. I now have all the evidence showing just how fucked up these legal pricks really are. I have spent 25 years collecting this evidence and because so many of you believe in their god, you have been conned to listened to these mother fuckers.  Let me add that there is no one that hates these legal fucks more than I do and that hate has created thee beast 666. 

So, I ask: What would you do if the United States Supreme Court protected Pennsylvania for hiding perjury evidence of their key witness and then while appealing in Federal Court you found the hidden perjury evidence and Pennsylvania told this Federal Court it was dismissed in the lower court when it was not dismissed in any court. This Federal Court refused to grant a fucking hearing to prove this fraud upon her court. I showed the Supreme Court all the proof and the fuckers dismissed all of it. You just can’t make up this kind of shit, but it did happened.

I sincerely hope you are reading this post first because I wanted you to know that the Dark Side of America and all the related links on my websites are factual and true to the best of my knowledge and are not based on some fictional writing or story. 99% of the evidence shown on this entire website were documented in a brief that was legally submitted to the United States Supreme Court. You will soon understand why I lost all my religion beliefs and why I have become such a demanding reformer. I want my evidence to be seen by every American Citizens before one of these legal wolfs in sheep clothing has me terminated. This is for adults only: because it is too much for children to see right now and as a warning: some adults may not be ready for this information. So, if you know someone with any mental health issues or is a religious extremist don’t say a word about this website. The entire world has become use to a supreme being so believe me it is not easy to change to a belief that we are on our own here. I’m not here to cause more problems I’m just trying to fix some of the problems in the American Legal System by exposing their corruption with the evidence. You may feel as bad as I am, when you all finally realized the truth about the old and new testaments. I didn’t want to be the messenger of these truths, but it had to be done by someone. This will be the sickest novel/website you will ever read because its truth will make you feel the death of your belief system. Things are definitely not what they appear to be so let’s get our heads out of our asses and fix this shit.

You probably grew up thinking that truth and doing the right thing is especially true in the American Legal System. You probably still believe that truth and justice is real in America and that the courts understand the laws and rule accordingly. What you probably didn’t know is that Judges can violate your constitutional rights and you can’t even sue them because they are protected from any wrongdoing by law even when they willfully have violated your constitutional rights. This is the main reason I lost my religion and became thee beast 666.

 First let me say it is ok to belief in the fantasy of a god as long as you never force your god fantasies upon other people. I understand why so many people hang on to the belief that there is a god and why so many people hold on to this fantasy. But, I do understand why a religious fantasy is so important.  I know that fantasies can make us feel good just like Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, or any of the religions in the world but they are just that, fantasies. When I started studying 26 religions in prison, I had serious trouble with all of them here’s a few examples: (a) any god creating the world in seven days, creating ourselves as an image of God when almost all species on the planet eat, sleep, shit, and have babies the same way we do, (b) creating Eve with Adam’s DNA, (c) believing that the Virgin Mary at 12 years old got pregnant by an Angel. (d) Moses freeing his people and kept them lost in a desert for 40 years: just to name a few. For me all the stories and parables are total bull shit. So, if you can’t believe the real heaven is only on this planet then keep watching how all these religions will turn heaven on earth into a hell on earth. This is heaven people, and you may not like your heavenly alternative because that promise of total peace is a total lack of emotions and feelings, not ever knowing good or evil again or put in another way, nothing ever happens in a total peace environment: and what religion is selling the crazy belief that you will get 60+ virgins when you die.  So, start enjoying your heaven now because this is the only heaven you will ever know – so please stop fucking it up – just in case I’m right. Some religions may not even realize that John the Baptist and Jesus thought the world was really coming to an end 2000 years ago and both of them believed the kingdom of God was so near they said repent before it’s too late. All the known prophets believed that some god was giving them a message from above which is total bull shit. I say it is bull shit because no honorable god would select a few people and offer no transparency or communication directly to the rest of us. Here’s a good one? blessed are those who believe and have not seen, what kind of bull shit is that? Hey Mr. God either you are real, or you are not real, so if you are real stop fucking around with all your mysteries and become transparent and if you continue playing hid and seek go fuck yourself. Amen, Signed Thee Beast 666.  

 Anyway, here’s my story on why I became the beast. It seems that many of you believe that the American Legal System can’t be corrupt. Since I have all the evidence proving their corruption, I’ll show you some of it. First, I have to tell you that I have evidence that a Mother Chris M. Boyd heinously told her own daughter that I was going to kill her and the rest of her family for money. Kathryn’s own mother heinously tortured her own child with these lies using life insurance papers to brainwash her own daughter to believe that I bought the policies to kill her for money. The mother also brainwashed her own daughter with so many children abuse stories that Kathryn denied under oath that a real indecent assault or any of the sexual counseling sessions ever happened at the Rape Crisis Center. Her perjury is now proven by a filed Millcreek Police Report. When Kathryn denied under oath that an assault with sexual counseling never happened, the DA’s office knew that Kathryn had committed perjury and had created a total new assault. The Asst. DA Marshal Prick-a-sin-y-in-the-hiney (sorry I misspelled his name – Piccinini) willfully hid perjury testimony just because the girl was related to the Ex-Mayor of Erie PA. Thus this prick Piccinini knew that the sexual counselor at the Rape Crisis Center would have proved that all the new much more heinous abuse stories told by Kathryn and her reported death threats could never have been overlooked by a trained sexual counselor. Kathryn’s denial of the real assault now proves some mother fucker did in fact coached Kathryn to deny the real assault just to stop any testimony from this counselor at the Rape Crisis Center. This c0unselor would have proven Kathryn’s perjury testimony by testifying that Kathryn did indeed have sexual counseling and did in fact replaced a real abuse story with a totally new abuse story and death threats in the same time frame as the original police report. So the prick Marshall Piccinini hide a real assault which only allowed Kathryn’s new bullshit story to be heard. Then on the morning of trial my fucking Attorney Dave Ridge, now a fucking judge, says consider a no contest plea for the charges. Here’s what this fucking prick, Dave Ridge, told me on the morning of trial: one person’s testimony is enough for a State conviction in your case (holy fuck how did this happen when our U.S. Constitution says NO). So, then my asshole Attorney Dave Ridge tells me: I want you to consider a no contest plea to avoid any State time, the judge will take it easy on you because your record is clean, and you would be saving Kathryn the embarrassment of a trial. Just like a god damn fool I believed his sorry ass mainly because I had to take a new job in Houston Texas because of the media coverage in this fucking town and I knew they were hiding the perjury evidence just because Kathryn was related to the Ex-Mayor of Erie. The Dark Side of our fucking legal system continues when I return from Houston for sentencing and the prick Judge Ernest DiSantis Jr. sentences me in the aggravated range which gives me six fucking years in State prison for these railroaded misdemeanors. So, I never got back to my Houston apartment and lost most of my shit. I find out after three years in their prison hell that the Pennsylvania prison system would deny me any parole because the mother fuckers demanded, let me repeat demanded an admission of guilt to all the no contest misdemeanors or no fucking parole for you. Naturally I implied kiss my royal ass and I thought what kind of stupid brain-dead fucks are running this prison system. I did stop to think are they insane or is it me because my belief system that America actually had an honorable legal system was seemly gone and nothing was making sense to me anymore. Are these mother fuckers above our laws you can bet your ass on it. Anyway, while in prison I was appealing my case in the Erie Federal Court when I finally got my hands on the evidence proving the perjury of Kathryn. Sure, enough the Dark Side in America reappears when DA’s office sends fuck face Marshall Prick-a-sin-in-the-hiney who tells this Federal Court that my newfound evidence proving perjury was dismissed in the lower court: a true mother fucker if ever there was one. Knowing the fuck face was lying I said to myself still believing in a religion: Jesus H fucking Christ do you really allow this kind of shit to happen in our courts? I started to lose my religion after this fuck jobs like this. I spent the next few years appealing to all the courts and when I got out after six years I went to the FBI, and they said get more evidence and let the Supreme Court handle it. So I hired an Attorney William J. Hathaway to verify that the Commonwealth of PA did in fact commit fraud upon this Federal Court to hide all their fucking corruption and he indeed verified that my new found perjury evidence was never dismissed in any lower court. According to reports on the internet this mother fucker Marshall Piccinini who committed this fraud upon a Federal Court is now a fucking sitting judge in Erie, PA as of 2019: yes, more fucking insanity. I then submitted all this evidence and more to the fucking United States Supreme Court and they dismissed it because it seems they seemly would never allow all this illegal behavior in our American Court System to be seen by the public. When the public finally sees all my evidence of the corruption in our legal system, the United States Supreme Court will no longer function as an honorable American court system. Law and order will be seen as a fucking joke in this country because these fuckers are doing anything they want to protect themselves or any members and friends in their illegal cult. So, if any citizen ever decides to expose with one of their members or friends for wrongdoing, every one of these legal mother fuckers will risk their entire career to make you look like an asshole and even the Supreme Court of the United States won’t help you: as I will soon prove to you. 

 It seems our American culture is always more concerned about hand jobs then government fraud, denying due process, the torture of a child, or violating our United States constitution. Try to understand that a young child was told a heinous lie that someone she loved dearly was going to kill her and her entire family. Our legal system dismissed all the evidence that would have corrected this heinous lie and thus would have stopped the tortured for this young girl which has been going on for 25+ years now. This was truly a heinous crime by our legal system. You need to check out some of the damage that these lies have caused so:  So have a look. Please understand the DA’s office knew their key witness had committed perjury and they wrongfully hid that evidence. Understand that my attorney Dave Ridge now a fucking Judge lied straight to my face about the reasons to take a no contest plea. Thus, Dave Ridge’s lies to my face ultimately caused some serious harm to both families. Who in the hell would ever believe the Ex-Governor’s brother would lie to his clients to protect someone: my bad? So both families have had to suffer for more than 25 years with the fake abuse stories and fake death threats. Most of these legal authority cock suckers have risked their careers just because Kathryn was related to Erie’s Ex-Mayor Lou Tullio. Lou Tullio has been turning in his grave ever since because these pricks caused the tortured of one of his family members Kathryn S. Boyd. Again, I will say when I finally found the perjury evidence of Kathryn S. Boyd, the State’s key witness; I submitted it to the Erie Federal Court.  Just to shed some light at this Erie Federal Court again: the sick Federal Judge, Susan Paradise Baxter, actually believed that the Commonwealth of PA dismissed perjury evidence of their key witness. I know this will be very hard to understand but I showed the United States Supreme Court all this evidence of ineffective assistance of counsel (Dave’s lies with affidavits confirming his lies), the DA’s hiding of perjury evidence in State Court, the DA’s Office committing fraud in a Federal Court, some evidence that the mother Chris Boyd used forged life insurance policies to torture a child for life because the courts wouldn’t get me hearing to prove the polices were forged documents just to protect one of Erie’s largest employer, Erie Insurance Exchange. Now do you really expect me to believe in the God that hangs in our court rooms after all the fucking shit these bastards did to me and my family. You can’t imagine the hate I had to suppress my feelings and they should thank their lucky stars I stayed civilized. What these fraudulent charges did to my first marriage and my two children from that marriage is appalling. Taxpayers wrongfully paid over $300,000+ for prison costs and who knows how much was spent in court costs defending their corruption. Understand that Kathryn’s mother and the legal system have tortured this girl for life and tortured all my family members with fake abuse stories and fake death threats. Understand that the court system also allowed this mentally ill mother to essentially kidnap my son by stopping any communication with my son and moving out of State. My son was denied the truth of the heinous charges so how sick is his mother? My great job was forever gone and any justice to expose these wrong doings was unconstitutionally denied by the fucking United States Supreme Court. This court will have to kill me if they want me to stop these websites, but my evidence will always be in the history books.

 Let me take a couple of minutes to give you a real picture of Kathryn’s mother Chris M. Boyd who I have referred to numerous times as the cunt. Before I dated Chris Boyd she was married to Jim Grassi and soon afterwards Chris got pregnant and ran to her mother and father’s house and she wanted a divorce. This cunt did the exact same fucking thing when she got pregnant with my son Jon. Anyway, I started dating Chris when Kathryn was 2 years old. Shortly after that I finally got to know Kathryn when I saw her in a steel hospital cage jumping around like a wild animal. Kathryn had found some chemicals or drugs at Chris’ parents’ house that caused Kathryn to be poisoned and act like a wild monkey. I thought then that the Boyd’s must be fucking crazy for leaving such shit around for a child to find. Anyway, just like a god damn fool I married the cunt because at the time I had no idea she just wanted to get out of her parent’s home and have someone help her with Kathryn because she had no child support from Kathryn’s real dad, Jim Grassi. Two years later the cunt got pregnant with our son Jon and again she runs back to her parent’s house and wants a divorce. Thinking only of my son I tried to get her back, but it was useless at least until the cunt found out that her diseased cunt could cause our son Jon to be born blind. Her parents must have told her that she should get back with me because they obviously didn’t want all the problems with Kathryn and another one on the way to take care of. Yes I should have told this cunt to get fucked but I didn’t because of my son. Even when I found out the diseased cunt could have caused blindness in my son I stayed and decided to use a condom every time we had sex. We both worked so we had to hire a sitter and sure enough the cunt hires one of her diseased clients from her job at Family Planning. This girl she hired was a ghetto tramp in the neighborhood. This tramp was undoubtedly no good for Kathryn and may have been the cause of some of Kathryn’s sexual activities in the neighborhood. Anyway, when I found the Millcreek Police Report the full police report showed that Kathryn had been having sex with some children in the neighborhood and then finally four boys with a knife wanted some sex and she reported them to the police. All the children involved went for sexual counseling at the Rape Crisis Center. A year later we all decided to move form that ghetto neighborhood to a safer neighborhood if that was even possible to know for sure. Things seem to be a little better for about two years and then the cunt started her evil tricks. The cunt started her whore tricks like no sex unless you do this and that. More blackmail tricks came when she wanted to get me to adopt Kathryn. So ask yourself what kind of mother uses blackmail on her husband to adopt her child? Here’s what the cunt told me: if you don’t adopt Kathryn soon, I will let her real father have visiting rights and shared custody. This was the real father that told her: abort the pregnancy I don’t want anything to do with a child and you’re not getting a dime from me. Kathryn was about nine years old when all these blackmailing tricks for adoption started. The cunt repeatedly kept telling Kathryn, Frank’s not your real father and he won’t adopt you because he must hate you. I heard in the grapevine that one of her best friends had said that the cunt really wanted me to adopt Kathryn for a steady income for Kathryn and Jon just in case we got a divorce. Maybe now you are starting to see why I call Chris M. Boyd a cunt. I never used language like this before, but the cunt and our god damn legal system has changed all that because as you know I lost my religion because of their fuck job. After she gave Jim Grassi shared custody Kathryn really didn’t treat me like a father anymore. If you don’t think Kathryn’s Police Report and sexual activities at Grandview caused a few problems at our new home let me, give you a few examples on what I was dealing with at the time. Her behavior is tough to explain because it was so bizarre: kind of reminds me of the Twilight Zone. I loved this girl, but she was a crazy little devil. Kathryn is 10 years old when she started the following sexual activities. Had the State not hidden Kathryn’s perjury the sexual counselor at Rape Crisis Center could have testified that Kathryn did indeed receive sexual counseling for an assault by four boys which Kathryn had denied under oath.  Any counselor would know that there is a big difference between pulling pants off by the four boys according to the police report Kathryn denied and somehow never investigating relatives about hand jobs, blowjobs, watching porn, and death threats that was going on at the same time. I’m even wondering if I should share this type of behavior from Kathryn because there can’t be another girl at 10 years old that could have ever said or done these things.

1: Here’s the worst part I couldn’t tell anyone, and I mean no one about Kathryn’s behavior because of the most unbelievable comment that ever came out of a child’s mouth one day just after she woke me up one morning: she told me if you ever tell mother what I was just doing to you I’ll tell her you were touching me. This was a total shock for me because I never heard of such a thing, and I still don’t know how in the hell a ten-year-old could even think of such a protective blackmailing statement. Kathryn had now become a serious threat, so I knew I had to get a divorce because she was now the boss and I had lost any parental control. I had asked Kathryn’s mother to lock the bedroom door if she left for work early but she refused and probably thought I was nuts or something. So how many 10-year old’s do you know that have used such a blackmailing statement to protect themselves? Here’s some of the shit that followed:

2: This one started when Chris and I were having sex and Kathryn broke down the bedroom door, had my son Jon jump on Chris and at the same time Kathryn jumped between us and grabs my dick through the covers. What child, that you ever heard of, did something like this?

3: This one was even crazier because I had to lock the bathroom door just to take a shower because she would stand there just watching me and playing with herself when Kathryn’s mother wasn’t around. One day Kathryn began yelling through the locked door and said that she had to brush her teeth I’m late and then she started yelling and screaming so loud I thought the neighbors would call the police. I said OK just a minute and let her in. Sure enough, she undressed and jumped in my shower: how many times have you heard of this behavior? It happened to me, and I still don’t believe it.

 Yes, Kathryn’s blackmailing statement actually started our divorce, but a divorce was going to happen sooner or later anyway: love does stink sometimes. Things were now totally out of control with Kathryn and when Chris wanted to drop the Little U Day Care Service and wanted me to watch the children full time during my seasonal break and I said no: after that all hell broke out. Kathryn was playing me like I was her toy puppet, and she was now the boss and was having a ball. It could have been puppy love I’ll have to ask her someday. I had to tell Chris I wanted a divorce because I knew Kathryn’s blackmail statement could be triggered at any time if I didn’t do something she wanted me to do and that scared the hell out me. I didn’t know how to stop or control her behavior anymore and I was dealing with something I never imagined before: a parent being played and controlled by a 10-year-old. Don’t get me wrong I truly loved Kathryn and still do because she is a genius, outrageously abstract and she is a little smarter than me by two points. Anyway, I couldn’t talk to Chris about any of this shit, couldn’t talk to our priest since he was just sent away for messing around with our altar boys, and certainly couldn’t call Rape Crisis with sweet Kathryn’s statement threatening me. I finally told Chris I was going to file for devoice when Jon turns 7 years old on April 3rd, 1993, but sure enough the cunt beat me to the bunch and filed in October 1992 with a fake PFA as a bonus and I was out on the street. This fucking cunt didn’t need any evidence at all to get a PFA which is wrong for sure: how the fuck is that equal protection? For the next two years we were in court with the divorce and the custody battle. I knew Kathryn was being filled with her mother’s lies to hate my guys but telling Kathryn that insurance policies were bought to kill her and the family for the money was pure evil even if the cunt didn’t know they were forged insurance policies. When Kathryn got into a sex problem at school two years later, all the bullshit started with new abuse stories and the heinous fake death threats. I did know that Kathryn was having sexual activity in our new neighborhood before the divorce, but I couldn’t say a word to Chris because I couldn’t get rid of the blackmailing statement of what Kathryn would do if I crossed ever her. I believe Kathryn loved me dearly, but I hope she had no idea just how bad her blackmail statement was upon me at the time. Anyway,since Kathryn was related to our ex-Mayor Lou Tullio his political team started all their fucking attacks. I didn’t serve this country for four years and my dad didn’t serve in World War II to have such illegal shit happening in our American legal system. So when the United States Supreme Court put the last nail in my coffin, I finally became Thee Beast 666. I now knew for sure after studying over 26 religions in prison that there wasn’t a god only myths of a god. I then decided as a last resort to use the religious myths of the beast 666 to straighten this heinous and appalling nightmare out. I realize that our legal system has induced us to perceive them as legal supreme beings and all-knowing, but they are full of shit and have an ego straight from hell, as some would say. I’ll never trust any of these legal fuckers again. The Dark Side is the American legal system and we need to get rid of these assholes before they totally destroy our country’s heritage.  Some of the assholes we have in Congress are already pulling off some the shadiest shit in American history and this place also needs term limits ASAP.



***If you comment your email will not be sold or used in anyway: I may address some of your comments, but I will never show your email address to anyone unless of course our Corrupt Legal System decides to hack my servers. If they do, I will declare a foul and rightfully they will never again violate our privacy and they will be liable someday for all damages.