To Jon and Kathryn:

Well, I’m pretty much at the wits end with Kathryn unless she tells an attorney then I never threatened to kill her or her family and that I never said: “Don’t say anything to anyone about sex or I will kill you and your family.” She will also have to say that she came into my bedroom jacking me off in my own bed, and as I turned, I told her: I thought you were Chris, and then she told me, as she was leaving: “If you tell my mother what I was doing to you I will tell her that you were touching me.” This blackmail trick and Blame Shifting was learned from her mother’s blackmail tricks: learned when I refused to adopt Kathryn with Chris’ evil threats of giving Kathryn’s real father custody if I didn’t adopt Kathryn now. She did threaten me to adopt Kathryn, knowing that this man wanted an abortion before Kathryn’s birth and never had any contact with Kathryn sense birth, now 10 years later. Heinously a very sick fucking person if you ask anyone. Her best friend told me; Chris was just looking for child support payments because she was thinking about a separation. Kathryn’s blackmail trick gave her too much control over me and I had to find a way to get back parental control back, but I couldn’t because of the Blame Shifting. When Kathryn started to cross the lines with her sexual experimenting, I had to ask for a divorce because Kathryn’s threat of Blame Shifting could only lead to more serious sex. Don’t get me wrong I’ll always love Kathryn and I thought she loved me, but perhaps she was just using me like her mother which is now a growing concern. So, when this goes viral with my evidence and I get to legally expose these bastards, Kathryn will have to tell the truth or sadly I will be forced to have Kathryn suffer with the rest of them. I probably made some mistakes handling Kathryn, but my thoughts were that I did not want Kathryn to be as fucked up with sex as her mother is. An example: Kathryn learned that Frank would get some sex if he did what Chris wanted him to do, even if Frank originally said NO. Pretty fucked up for any wife, especially when they deliberately sexually starve their husband. Chris was so fucked up as a wife that she would only sleep with the children and never with her husband. Jon, she wanted a divorce before you were born and I’m sorry and totally ashamed that I wanted her back: that was my mistake, but I wanted you to have a father. That reason to keep her has been too much to bear. Do you really expect me to live with all the lies and knowing Kathryn is still living with false death threats and was being abused so bad that she wanted me to kill her real dad? It’s appalling how the legal system is so fucked up and has allowed this much damage to Kathryn, me, and my entire family. All these fuckers caused me to lose my religion, so I am thee Beast now and I even host the Antichrist Messages. I’m fucking serious and I’m not going away! If Kathryn doesn’t know that I loved her and that I would never hurt her, then the torture she has endured is worse than I thought. I thought she loved me too, so I can’t really believe she was using me just like her mother, but I can’t dismiss the fact that I might be wrong about the love she once had for me. I still love her even if I find out she was just using me, but not as much. I didn’t know how to stop Kathryn after she said she would totally blame me if I ever tried to blame her for anything. Kathryn is a good Blame Shifter, but the Democrat Party takes first place. I knew if I didn’t leave there was going to be serious sex down the road. After I told Chris I wanted a divorce when Jon turns seven, more trouble came when Chris was demanding that I watch you kids on my 4 months off from work and eliminate all the childcare at Little U. Full time with Kathryn was now out of question. I really loved Kathryn, but she became the boss and was controlling me like a puppet, so I had to get a divorce. One more thing: I don’t want Kathryn to blame herself for causing the divorce because she learned the blackmail trick and Blame Shifting from her mother. Finally, the American Legal System must be reformed and punished, as they have become a destroyer of the U. S. American Constitution. If you read all my evidence, you will understand what I am talking about. Listen, I have enough evidence against the legal system to destroy the American legal system including the United States Supreme Court, so that means they may want me dead soon, thought you should know.

Franke Joseph Sontag.

     6         6         6

PS: Jon, I want you to know that I lost the custody battle for you because of all the fucking fraud that occurred by the American Legal System and your mother’s manipulation of Kathryn’s core beliefs when she used fake death threats to fuck her own daughter’s mind with false fears just to kill any love Kathryn had for me. 

I don’t know how long I can keep this page private before a search engine finds it. If Kathryn wants me to erase it, please let me know ASAP. And I want Kathryn to call me if she wants it canceled, not you. Your lack of communication has forced me to use my site to communicate, file was too large, so that’s on you.


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